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Country of the week

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

How wise and true these words are! On this beautiful Earth consisting of 195 amazing countries, we are limited only to the extent of what we see and where we live. And that, my friends, is a tragedy. Even the fact that we only ship to 39 countries (for now, that is!), we consider it to be a misfortune. On the bright side, those 39 countries are a great place to start our adventure of getting to know a little bit more of this wonderful world we live in.


Find out whether we ship to your country in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you’re one of these 39 countries, we are glad and proud to be of service to you. If you’re not, do not fret for we hope to reach to more corners of the world really soon!


A world inhabited by people from different walks of life and from different countries makes the Earth truly the most unique place to live in. The culture, the people, the languages, the food (our favorite part!) – we have so much to learn and experience. And each and every one of us has this amazing opportunity to broaden our minds about what’s out there beyond the cocoon we live in.


You could be researching online about the history behind the Persian empire, reading a statistic about the happiest place on Earth called Bhutan, discovering Malaysia’s multiracial society consisting of Malays, Chinese and Indians, watching a Japanese drama and seeing how respectful they are as they bow to everyone. You could’ve wondered about how much tea is consumed in UK, or read somewhere that the most common form of greeting in Germany is a handshake and most very uncommon is the kiss on the cheek, which is the custom in Italy and Frances!


The list of things you could learn is impossibly endless! Whether you’re a wanderlust type of person and you’re always travelling to different parts of the world or you’re a couch potato and simply like staying at home where it’s comfortable and you feel safer in the familiarity and predictability of it all – learning about the world and discovering new things about it has never been easier or more fun. You could simply Google fun things to do in Thailand or Amsterdam right now and your eyes would pop right out! 


Why is an online shopping site focusing on such a campaign, you ask? Well, we ask you – why not? Why don’t we spend a little time and attention on a particular country and learn about our customers there? Heck, we ship our items there, don’t we? For us, it’s exciting and interesting to know when a customer from Canada, Spain or wherever else orders from us. We are a platform of the world and we love that we get to reach you across the oceans with our humble products online. And right now, we’re passing on a mental fist-bump to wherever you are, dear reader and customer. We don’t know you personally, but you’re our customer and we thank you for letting our site and stuff into your world – whichever amazing country that may be. 


Shopping transcends all gender, race, religion, sexuality and so much more. You may enjoy it like how a foodie gets a taste of the best burger in town or you may hate it like a vegetarian in that exact same scenario. Whatever your preference, shopping online is something everyone does even for the basic necessities! Why not let us make the experience just a little bit more fun and interesting with our special campaign? You should be proud of where you’re from, and we at want you to revel in that fact.


In this campaign, we will be randomly selecting one (1) among the 39 countries that we ship to and offering the locals of that selected country a special discount coupon! We will be communicating the details of the selected country for that week by sharing it on our site and all our social media platforms. This is where your part comes in. Be vigilant and keep up to date with our social media to find out if you live in the chosen country and get your shopping mood on with huge savings!


As part of this campaign, we would also love to learn a little bit about each selected country of the week! How, you ask? Well, how about sharing with us some interesting facts, cultural customs, traditions, taboos or idiosyncrasies in your country by commenting on our social media with the hashtag #countryoftheweek? This would be a great opportunity for us to learn a little about our customers and your country. Why not make shopping an educational experience, while we’re at it? 


In addition to this, we will be sharing our own little tidbits of knowledge that we did based on our own research as well! We at are firm believers in learning new things and gaining knowledge about the world. We would love to get to know your country, our customers and what you would like to see in our store or site as well. Remember, a store is only as good as its customers! And customers come from all walks of life and may have diverse needs or expectations. aims to cater to everyone’s needs, wherever you come from.

Participate in the campaign

How will we start this campaign? You can respond to this blogpost on our site by commenting down below or on our future blogposts which will be posted weekly regarding the chosen country & also on our Instagram or Facebook page with #rigsCountryOfTheWeek. Share with us what interesting facts, cultural norms, taboos or idiosyncrasies that are common in your country. We can’t wait to hear from you!

With all that being said, we will be officially launching #rigsCountryOfTheWeek very, very soon so keep up with us and you’ll be on your way to great products, great savings and great learning!

We bid you Farewell, Selamat Tinggal, Adiós, Vaarwel, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, تندرستی and in all those other beautiful languages this world has to offer. We hope to see you every week!

Lots of love,
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