Earn and Save Money

You can start right now!

Save, and Earn Money

whether you are a customer of Rigs Sale, or a marketer or entrepreneur, or even a retailer, you can start saving and/or earning money in our website right now! Let's take a look at some of the ways that you can start to do so:

Earn, as we sell

Affiliate Program

Register in our affiliate program and start making easy money by just sharing the products you love. In your account page, there is a section for the affiliate program, where you can register, and manage everything related to it.

When you first register, we'll receive and review your request. If accepted, then you will have your Affiliate Dashboard where you can see all the information about your affiliation activities. These are some of the links that you will mostly use in our affiliate platform:

  • Affiliate Dashboard (where you see an overview of what's going on with your affiliation activities)
  • Link Generator (where you see your refferal link and ID, and you can generate affiliate link for each product)
  • Clicks (where you can see when and from whom and how many clicks your links received)
  • Commissions (where you can see a list of earned and received commissions)
  • Payments (where you can see a list of our payments to you for your activities)
  • Withdrawal (where you can ask us to transfer your earnings to your account)
  • Settings (where you can change the settings for your affiliate account)

All these links, and more (if any) are listed in your account page.

It was never easier to earn money than now. Search around the site, find the best products (or even the ones that you already purchased), and share your feeling with your friends and family with your affiliate links, and earn money when they come and buy.

Deposit Money

Use Fund To Pay

If you make a deposit, and then use that fund to pay for your purchases in our website, you usually earn discount (from time to time, and from product to product it may be a different percentage, buy we usually talk about it in some product pages and/or cart and checkout page)

Upgrade Your Account

Be A Rigs+ Member

We love those who love us! This is why we have Rigs+ Membership, where you pay a subscription, and you get a special percentage of discount on all your purchases, unlimited, during your subscription.

Wow, this is a huge save, isn't it? It absolutely is! With the wide range of the items that we sell on our website, not only you save a lot because of the fair prices, and not only you can save even more, and even earn money from other activities in our website, you can save a lot in every single purchase while you are subscribed as a Rigs+ Member!

If you just think about it for a second, you will see that the subscription cost that you pay for let's say 6 months or 1 year, will get back to your pocket with making just a few purchases that anyways you need to buy as you need them.

So, start saving a lot by becoming a Rigs+ member.

Don't Miss Any Coupon

Subscribe And Get Email

Subscribe to as many Newsletter as we have! The newsletters page lists some of the main active newsletters of our website. Each category or product page may also have their own newsletter. So, keep an eye on every part of the site and subscribe to any newsletter that you see (if you actually are interested in those areas, of course)

Newsletters usually cost big money for us. So, we only send them when we really have something useful and/or important. They are not being used to spam you. They usually contain updates and news about categories, products, events, and sales and sometimes they contain special offers like gift cards, coupons, and giveaways that are only for the subscribers. 

Earn Points and Rewards

Simply By Any Purchase!

Points and Rewards may be the easiest way in this list. By simply making any purchase in our website, you earn Points, and these points are actually money, and you can use them for your future purchases.

The amount of points that you receive by your purchases is different from time to time and from product to product, but we usually show how much points you can earn from purchasing a product, and how much money you can save by using points.

In your account page, in My Points section, you can see a list of the points that you received, and the source of each.

Buy Gift Cards

Slightly Cheaper Than Their Value

Gift Cards are slightly cheaper than their value, and although the main purpose of gift cards is something else, but you can use them to save a little bit more. Not mentioning that some gift cards, according to the time and date, may offer a big discount, which in those cases you can save even more.

You can always see a list of available gift cards to purchase, in Rigs Sale's category in our store.

and More

Stay Tuned 

Stay updated with us and from time to time check our blog and your account page to see if any new way or saving or earning money is added to our platform. We started our business with a simple rule in our mind: "The more our customers gain, the more we will"! and that is alway pushing us froward to make things as simple as possible and make ways to help our customers and users save and earn more.

There are already some more ways on our current plan, but as we are still working on the way of implementing them, we can't publicly discuss them yet. But to keep things neat, anytime that we add a new way to our system, in addition to a separate announcement,  we will update this page to add them to the list, so you can always have access to a full list of the currently active way of saving and earning money on Rigs Sale.