3D LED Nightlight Wall & Table Clock


  • Modern designed 3D LED Clock
  • Alarm clock with adjustable light levels
  • Creative decor for walls & desks
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Product Showcase

What is included?

In this video you can see what exactly is included in the box and what you can expect to receive when the package is delivered.

3D LED Nightlight Wall & Table Clock

Great for the Office & Home

Looking for a clock with a little flair? This one’s perfect for you! It’s cube-like 3D design gives a very modern & sophisticated look. Coupled with the LED lights that illuminate its numbers to enable you to tell the time, it’s a great centerpiece for the table or desk. 

Going for a little more unique and minimalistic vibe in your office or home? Put this clock up on the wall as a decorative piece, instead of the usual boring round clocks and you’ll be proud to be different!

3D LED Nightlight Wall & Table Clock

Date & Temperature Included

Simply looking at this clock, you would never guess that it had other functions apart from looking amazingly cool. Guess again. This clock also has the added feature of telling the date and temperature as well! The time will constantly be on display, while temperatures & dates will display throughout a cycle.

In addition to this useful feature, this clock’s LED function really brings a nice subtle glow to your home or office which acts as an additional source of lighting as well.

3D LED Nightlight Wall & Table Clock

Snooze and Adjustable Brightness

You can even use this modern clock in your bedroom as an alarm clock too! There’s the feature of the  Snooze button to pause that alarm for a few minutes until you’re ready to wake up, just like your phone. And as if that wasn’t enough, this clock is also great as a night light to sleep in. 

With the LED lights, you can easily adjust the brightness levels. In daytime, you can lower it to save electricity. At night, make it brighter until you go to sleep where you can then shift to a soft, comfy glow.