Anti-Fall Strong Grip Sports Water Bottle with Suction

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  • Smart grip, suction-bottomed water tumbler
  • Trendy, modern design available in 4 colors
  • 16oz. liquid capacity & BPA Free
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In this video you can see what exactly is included in the box and what you can expect to receive when the package is delivered.

Anti-Fall Strong Grip Sports Water Bottle with Suction

Smart Grip Technology

Looks should be the least of your concerns when you’re looking for a bottle to keep you hydrated. With this modern water tumbler, you get a new Smart Grip technology that’s worth your money. This tumbler instantly sticks strongly to almost any surface and erases all your fears of messy spills.

With this amazing feature, this bottle will merely sway even when pushed. This feature is a necessity whether you’re at home with rowdy kids, working on your laptop, running on the treadmill - you name it. 

Anti-Fall Strong Grip Sports Water Bottle with Suction

Sleek & Trendy

Although we said looks don’t really matter in a water bottle, but we didn’t say you had to abandon it completely! With a smooth, shiny exterior and black sippy top to drink from, this tumbler is designed with a minimalist feel and a cool, sleek look. 

Available in 4 trendy colors of Black, White, Red and Turquoise – you might even forget that this bottle’s best feature isn’t its awesome look, but the strong grip & anti-fall and anti-spill features.

Anti-Fall Strong Grip Sports Water Bottle with Suction

BPA-Free & Low Heat Transfer

With a considerable capacity of 16 oz to store water, this water bottle is also BPA-Free – allowing you to feel safer as you store and drink water. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also great for keeping your drinks warm for a few hours, just like a thermos!

As long as you’re looking for a water bottle, why not go for the Holy Grail of bottles out there? This one here could potentially save you from a spill on that expensive laptop, making you feel like it saved your life!