Full Body U-shaped Support Pillow for Pregnant Woman


  • Full, human-sized body pillow in U-shape
  • Soft & fluffy material for full body support
  • Available in 11 colors
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Full Body U-shaped Support Pillow for Pregnant Woman

Anyone, Especially Pregnant Mothers

Even though this unique shaped pillow is mainly targeted for pregnant mothers to support their stomach and baby, it’s also a great pillow for anyone who prefers more support for their body while laying down or sleeping. 

Being in the shape of the letter U, this pillow strategically hugs and curves targeted areas like the abdomen, hips, waist & legs for optimal support and comfort.

Full Body U-shaped Support Pillow for Pregnant Woman

Soft Cotton and Flexible

With a very soft cotton filling inside, this pillow can be easily adjusted to be fluffed at specific areas for better cushioning effect. For pregnant mothers out there, it can also be leaned against the wall behind your back as you hug your baby to your chest for comfortable nursing. 

In this position, your baby will have its pillow underneath to support it. This is made possible due to the soft cotton and flexible structure of the pillow which has specially-designed curves. 

Full Body U-shaped Support Pillow for Pregnant Woman

Full Body Length & Cute Colors

Measuring at 12.60in x 11.81in x 5.91in, this pillow was made with the best length to enable flexibility and curving to surround you with its cushion. The U-shape enables a natural separation of the thighs and curves so comfortably around them. Buy one for your wife and she might never hug you again!

In addition to all that comfort, you can choose from the cutest designs like Pink Bubblegum and Light Blue Sky, or go for the simple but sweet Pig Pink, Mauve or the other 7 colors available.