Kitchen Trash Bag & Cloth Holder


  • Multipurpose rack holder
  • Saves space & convenient bag holder
  • Available in 4 colors
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Kitchen Trash Bag & Cloth Holder

Kitchen Space Saver

If there’s one thing we know, trash cans can be something of a space taker especially if you own those big, heavy duty ones in the kitchen. They can be convenient to throw trash at one go, but they do take a lot of space. With this trash bag holder, you simply slip it on the edge of a cupboard door and you’re set!

It’s small enough to put on multiple cupboard doors near the sink, allowing you to separate the types of trash easily between wet or dry. You free up floor space this way and utilize all hanging capabilities,too!

Kitchen Trash Bag & Cloth Holder

Preserves Hygiene & Cleanliness

Most bins comes with covers and though convenient and keeps the smell inside from spreading, it can be annoying when you want to throw food away after cooking and its cover is in the way. Without a pedal to push it open, it’s dirty to pick it up when your hands are full. But, not with this holder.

Merely hang the plastic bags on the holder and watch how easy it is to transition trash from the kitchen sink to the trash bag. No unnecessary bacteria spreading!

Kitchen Trash Bag & Cloth Holder

Multipurpose & Lightweight 

Be smart when you own a kitchen and want to keep things neat & tidy. This trash bag holder has more than one function alright  - it can also double up as a dish rag rack! Perfect for drying out those kitchen towels after a wipe-down. 

Apart from that, these holders are super lightweight and easy to manage. They don’t take space and don’t require any drilling like other racks – these holders know how to make your life easily efficient!