Motion Tracking Sensor Security Camera with WIFI


  • Mini Wi-Fi Security Camera with Motion Sensor
  • Cloud Storage & SD Card
  • Infrared Night Vision & Two-Way Audio
1080P (Black)720P (Black)
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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

In this video you can see what exactly is included in the box and what you can expect to receive when the package is delivered.

Motion Tracking Sensor Security Camera with WIFI

Conveniently Small & Inconspicuous

Security cameras shouldn’t be too imposing in order for them to retain their secret location and do their stealth recordings of suspicious activity. That’s why this Wi-Fi camera comes in a mini size. It’s easily installed and because of its motion sensors & wide range lenses, it follows movements up to 355° & 90°, a wide range panoramic view. No thief can escape those watchful eyes!

The motion sensors, when triggered by movement, will automatically sense it and send you an alarm message through your mobile phone, allowing ample time for you to react to protect yourself.

Motion Tracking Sensor Security Camera with WIFI

Amazon Cloud Storage & SD Card

Another of this camera’s best perks is the dual storage offered with this item - free Amazon cloud storage & an SD Memory Card! In case your SD card memory runs out, this camera supports cloud function. This will ensure that your data recordings will be kept in a safe and secure place.

There will be no risk of losing important footage with this dual storage. Apart from this, it’ also offered in 720p & 1080p, allowing you to choose which type of resolution you need according to your usage.

Motion Tracking Sensor Security Camera with WIFI

Mobile Function & Night Vision

The most convenient feature of this camera is that footage can be viewed through your mobile device easily. Apart from tracking burglars, use it to watch over your baby and kids like a baby monitor with its built-in two way audio system. Listen & watch over your loved ones, the tech-smart way.

With the Night Vision feature, your security functions 24 hours a day and will detect movement even at night. Either when you’re away or at home, you’ll feel safer knowing this “bodyguard” is keeping watch.