Portable USB car air humidifier & purifier


  • Cleans & purifies the air in vehicles
  • Powered with USB cable
  • Gets rid of odors & bacteria
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Portable USB car air humidifier & purifier

Conveniently USB-Powered

If there’s one thing all of us have with us all the time, it’s a USB cable. Either we leave one at the office or we bring it in our bag, it’s not something we do without. So it’s about time we have something as useful as an air humidifier that we can power up with to freshen up that bad car smell of yours. 

Most humidifiers come in big sizes and are quite heavy duty – pretty much why we don’t ever think of airing out the car. This cute Mini Portable Humidifier makes it all possible to breathe cleaner air. 

Portable USB car air humidifier & purifier

Fresh, Clean Air

The car can be a pretty nasty place. It’s small & enclosed, with passengers changing every so often. Bacteria exchanges occur constantly on your seat, door handles and in the air. You can easily try and cover it up by sticking an air freshener on the vent. Sadly, that doesn’t do much to bacteria in the air.

The carbon filtration process which is contained in this purifier will activate to purify the air in your car by releasing millions of negative ions and getting rid of nasty odors, smoke & bacteria floating around.

Portable USB car air humidifier & purifier Portable USB car air humidifier & purifier

Portable & Useful for Smokers

For smokers out there, this is a handy item to have with you in your car. Want to get rid of that pungent, lingering smoke smell that’s stuck to your cushions and seats? That air-con on full blast doesn’t really do much but spread it around. This charcoal filter, on the other hand, would easily absorb those particles.

Or how about when you fill up gas and that strong gas smell starts to fill the air and make it hard to breathe? This car humidifier is an easy life-saver in those tricky, smelly situations. 

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