USB Powered 400ml Personal Smoothie Blender


  • Portable mini blender for smoothies & protein shakes
  • Works with a USB cable
  • Up to 400 ml of liquid & 4 trendy colors
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USB Powered 400ml Personal Smoothie Blender

Conveniently USB-Powered

If there’s one thing all of us have with us all the time, it’s a USB cable. Either we leave one at the office or we bring a charger in our bag, it’s not something we can do without. So it’s about time we have a blender that we can power up with it too, isn’t it?

With a lifestyle that’s so busy nowadays and trying to be fit, smoothies and protein shakes are heaven-sent. But what’s even better to come with it? A mini blender you can bring with you every day to blend when you need it!

USB Powered 400ml Personal Smoothie Blender

Fresh Smoothies Anytime

We spend  up to 15 bucks on a smoothie per pop & it’s totally worth it. You get fresh fruit and it’s healthy when you need a power lunch. But if you were a health buff wanting to save money, think about buying this blender and packing your fruits with you and blend when you need it fresh and cool.

Alternatively, leave your protein, veg, fruits & this blender at the office and you’re set to have a smoothie whenever you want. It’s size is conveniently small, making it perfect to leave at your desk.

USB Powered 400ml Personal Smoothie Blender

Portable & Trendy

This blender is just one of those things which are great in smaller sizes. Easy to bring with you anywhere and fits in your handbag or gym bag. Even think about bringing it on a camping trip or travelling overnight! How about a protein shake after a heavy workout? 

Keep your protein & fruits dry until you’re ready to blend, no more fears of it becoming gunky and thick from being in your bag too long. Not only is it useful, it even looks cute & comes in 4 trendy colors!