Vintage Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch

Vintage Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch


  • Stainless steel watch, available in four (4) colors
  • Elegant leather strap offered in two (2) colors: Black and Brown
  • Automatic Date and Weekly function
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Product Showcase

How It Looks

In this video you can see what exactly is included in the box and what you can expect to receive when the package is delivered.

Vintage Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch

Elegant and cool design

Exude elegance with this beautifully made stainless steel tourbillion watch. The display is made with a very smooth clear glass created from synthetic sapphire crystal. Its strap, which comes in Black and Brown, is matched perfectly with either of the 2 choices offered – in Silver or Gold cases.

The face of the watch is intricate and unique, consisting of 4 dials – a Moon Phase dial, a Date dial, a Weekly dial and a Tourbillion. You’ll get something extraordinary with this item here.

Vintage Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch
Special Features 

Novelty of Tourbillion

The uniqueness of this watch is truly the tourbillon on the display which is included as a novelty factor and demonstrates a watchmakers virtuosity. This mechanism is usually exposed on the watch's face to show it off.

If you’re a fan or collector of rare or unique timepieces such as the pocket watch and tourbillion watches, these will definitely be worth your money for getting something as special as this.

Vintage Automatic Mechanical Men’s Watch
Other Perks

Water Resistant & Adjustable Strap

Not sure of the ordering this item based on novelty alone? Thinking that that would be a little frivolous? Well, you’ll also get other additional features such as being 50M water resistance and an adjustable leather strap too! 

Get yours today or for a buddy of yours who enjoys a little class and novelty every once in a while. At the very least, you’ll be able to tell the time in the most fashionable way!

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