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For that awesome giveaway coming your way!

If there’s one thing every person on Earth knows, it’s that freebies are awesome. It could be the cheapest thing like a USB cable or a pen, and we’d still go tag 3 of our friends on that giveaway post and annoy the heck out of them. Why? Because we all know that even the slightest chance at winning something for free is worth the effort and annoying our friends over and over again. Hey, no judgments here. We wouldn’t like to admit it, but here’s little secret – even we do it ourselves!

Weekly Giveaways

Knowing everyone’s passion for freebies encourages us to do what every store online is currently doing, and that’s WEEKLY GIVEAWAYS! You heard us right. Ready your tagging fingers and your closest friends who won’t abandon you when you over-tag them, guys and gals – we’ve got some cool giveaway items in store just for you.

Once a week, Rigs.Sale will be choosing a special item to be given away randomly to those lucky few participants. Start by following our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, and participate in our weekly giveaway posts. Want to increase your odds? Also subscribe to our newsletters to keep up to date about weekly giveaways, offers, promotions and announcements.

Since our store is constantly growing and we are beginning to offer a multitude of types of categories and products to choose from, this will be a giveaway you will not want to miss! From bags to shoes to makeup and leggings, you’ll really want to start tagging & commenting immediately.

With your support and good responses towards our Weekly Giveaways, we will only select from the trendiest and coolest items. As your support and participation grows, we intend to keep increasing the value of items to give as freebies. It could start from a set of makeup brushes, bedroom slippers to a mini personal blender or even a $150 luxury watch. Do you really want to pass on that offer? Is your friendship really that amazing that you’ll want to give up tagging them for the possibility of getting a $150 watch?! Guys and gals, time to re-consider your priorities in life right here.

Just kidding.

Or maybe not?

Well, whatever the case and however we decide for you to participate in our weekly giveaway posts in order to win - we hope you’ll follow us and become a winner! We appreciate our customers and would love your support on Rigs.Sale. We’re here to serve you, and hopefully you’ll allow us to become your favorite online store for all your shopping needs!

So, stay tuned & alert for that awesome giveaway coming your way!
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